Server rules

It is logical that disputes can arise with the individual characters on our server. In order to create a respectful, open and friendly atmosphere for every user, we have written this set of rules for you.

Basic rules

When you join our server, you automatically agree to our server rules.
The RusherVace rules take precedence over all other rules. If you do not follow these rules, the RusherVace server team can ban you from the server. 
We also reserve the right to change the rules at any time, as circumstances change over time. Therefore, we ask you to check back here regularly. 
On our server, the same saying applies: "Ignorance is no defence against punishment." You can always look for help. Whether it's via Discord, email, or something similar. We have linked the whole thing for you.

§2 Rights

Appealability of the penalty & right to be heard

If a member feels that the punishment is inappropriate, he/she has the right to submit a factual request for mitigation or cancellation of the punishment in the forum at In this request, a solution will then be sought together with the user and the situation will be examined. In the case of punishments this right also exists, in this case a team member decides objectively on the ban application.

Virtual house right

Every player has the right to protect his or her house right and Privacy. Access to a house must be accompanied by permission from the owner. The team has the right to intervene in the house right if there is a valid reason.